Bangers & Mash is not just for Tea anymore! You can dig them over breakfast, supper and especially during the cocktail hour!!

You won't want to be the last bloke on the block to score this latest blast of bogus Brit ballyhoo. A sprinkling of covers of Beatles, Dave Clark 5, Bee Gees, etc. amongst a bunch of originals that aspire to the same grooviness. If you are a fan of bands like the Kaisers, the Neatbeats, the Pebbles, the Bristols and Mama Guitar, we aplaud your taste in music! Find out what all the hoopla is all about!!

And don't forget to buy other BRITISH COOKING CDs by some of the most gear fab recording artists on the planet!!


Kicking ass is a dirty, thankless job... but somebody's got to do it!!

The Tuffies do just that on YOU GO GIRL!... AND DON'T COME BACK, their debut long player from British Cooking. Featuring 15 original tuff rock'n'roll anthems, this is the sound you need for that next leasebreaking party or visit home to see mom.

Pick Hits: "Let's Get Naked Tonight" and "Line Up To Get Your Ass Kicked." They're lovers AND fighters, they're the Tuffies, and you need 'em in your life!


When the Beatles took over the airwaves, they ushered in a new era of rip-off artists! All you needed to have hits was long hair, daffy accents and sappy lyrics... or so some thought!!


CD-R of bands that wrote "original" songs that sound suspiciously similar to the fab four. Buggs, Dave Clark Five, Liverpools, Beats, Bobby Vee, Los Shakers, Washington DCs, etc. 30 tracks. On Bad Beat Records. Available via GAB! for $12 post paid ($15 for overseas orders)


Don't miss out on latching onto the first Bangers & Mash CD. This is the one that got the whole trash Beatle wannabe ball rocking and rolling, kids!!

Bangers and Mash are three inscrutable British lads who seem to think the clock never clicked into 1965. On their first album, AS PRIMITIVE AS CAN BE, the Mock Tops offer up 17 (count 'em!) crowd pleasers... well, 16 crowd pleasers, and one the drummer insisted on doing. Four of the mighty tracks were recorded "LIVE" at the Hagstrom... good luck finding it!

In addition to spiffy covers from the likes of the Beatles, Fabian, the Undertakers and the Kraven A's, the blokes have written some wild originals to get your blood flowing. Check out "Edith Massey," tribute to John Waters' favorite ingenue and a favorite of the children who get the band to play their birthday parties!


Want a piece of this action? Send cash, check, money order payable to P. Edwin Letcher to 2754 Prewett St., Los Angeles, CA 90031. CDs are $12 each postpaid. $15 overseas. Add $10 for additional CDs. Paypal is okay if you add 50 cents for the fees for each CD (payable to

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